About the RHA

The RHA is the community organization for the homeowners of the Hollywood Riviera.

  • We are a non-profit organization dedicated to civic service to the Riviera community, Torrance, and the South Bay in general.
  • We are here to foster improvement of property in this community following general principles set forth by the Deed Restrictions.
  • We are here to counsel and advise residents of this community in protection of their property interest in the community.

Bylaws of the Riviera Homeowners Association

Browse through this website to learn about our activities, and discover how you can enjoy your community by becoming an active member!

Boundaries of the Hollywood Riviera
All of the Hollywood Riviera lies WITHIN the Torrance voting District 5

From the map of all Torrance Homeowners Associations:

From the map of all Torrance Homeowners Associations Courtesy Torrance Community Development
Map Courtesy Torrance Community Development

The Hollywood Riviera according to Nextdoor.com:

Click on map for larger version. The 3 areas of the Hollywood Riviera were created to conform to limits imposed by Nextdoor.com. The boundaries are deemed to be accurate.
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