Landscape and Safety improvement along PCH

The RHA wishes to bring you an update to the project underway to renovate the look of the PCH strip on the south side of PCH (across from South High school).  For years, the residents living alongside PCH have had to deal with noise and pollution from the street, as well as shabby fence treatments and unsightly vegetation.   Several accidents have involved cars crossing into the area, endangering pedestrians and homeowners.  The interests of these residents, and really all of the Hollywood Riviera, lies in having safe, attractive, and economical improvements made to this area.  The goals are to provide safety for the residents, motorists, and the students who flock to this area every weekday morning, and to improve the aesthetics of the approach along the north side of our neighborhood.

In June, the City Council awarded a contract to construct fencing and guardrails along PCH between Calle Mayor and Nancy Lee Lane.  This project is being coordinated by the Torrance Public Works Department, but involves other agencies, particularly Caltrans, which has jurisdiction over PCH.

In August-September of 2016, 15 trees along the south side of PCH (within the Caltrans-dictated PCH setback) will come out and a new fence will go in.  The fence will be made of tubular steel railing, and the natural color will be silver/ gray; powder-coated to achieve corrosion resistance.  There will be crossbars, and square plastic caps on top of the tubes. It will look similar to the fence along Western Avenue near Toyota Way. Attached is a quick rendering of what it will look like. Note that only the fence itself is planned to be added. Because of the drought, the city is precluded from adding any greenery until after a reclaimed water line is installed in the area for irrigation.

PCH fence and guardrail rendering. (Photo courtesy Torrance Public Works Dept)

PCH fence and guardrail rendering.
(Photo courtesy Torrance Public Works Dept)

The fence will be covered with the windscreen/tarp after it is constructed.  The chain link fence in the center median of PCH will be removed when the fence is installed, since it will be “redundant fencing.”

The West Basin Recycled Water Line Project is providing funds to construct dual left turn lanes at PCH and Anza, heading east/west on PCH.   Torrance Public Works has a design for a recycled water line to bring water from Anza and PCH  to the south median across from South High School,  which will be installed at the same time as the intersection remodel.  The West Basin Water Project (not the city of Torrance) has to submit plans to Caltrans for approval and permitting.  Realistically, the plans will be submitted in the summer of 2017.  The construction of the intersection and water line will be about a year later, in 2018.  In the meantime, there may be an allowance made for potable water to be used for the landscaping, which will speed completion of the project.

There is no “planting plan” yet for the south median.  There WAS an original plan before the drought. Under consideration are water wise plantings and retention of the podocarpus trees,along with other plants that would give a tiered effect.  The final foliage will depend on what trees are on the Caltrans list of approved plantings.

For full details, please visit the Public Works project website here.  That site will continue to be updated by the city as progress is made.  Your Riviera Homeowners Association has undertaken many efforts to impress the various agencies involved with the need to improve the health, safety, and property values of residents along PCH by moving this project forward.  Thanks for your support to the RHA!

Key City Council hearing Tuesday on View Ordinance

Folks, this June 28 City Council meeting is one of the most important milestones on the road to getting a View Ordinance governing trees and other vegetation enacted here in Torrance.  You may have received this notice in the mail:

EPSON scanner image

Meeting notice

Please plan to attend, in order to hear details of the View Equity ordinance proposed by city staff, and to provide your input during the meeting.  The draft ordinance can be read here.  Don’t be intimidated by the size of this file; the draft itself can be found on pages 7-14.   A useful flowchart summarizing the draft ordinance is presented in an addendum on the very last page.  The rest is introductory material, plus accounts of past hearings and copies of citizen input.

The RHA is concerned that the ordinance may not have adequate enforcement mechanisms that would make it effective in most situations.  We will report back on our evaluation of this draft, and will be sure to represent the interests of view proponents as well as tree owners in the months ahead.

Worth saving!

Worth saving!

If you cannot attend this June 28 meeting (at Council chambers at 3031 Torrance Blvd), then you may communicate via email to your council representatives as well as Linda Cessna, Deputy Community Development Director at Community_Development_Dept@TorranceCA.Gov

Rocketship park almost ready

The new playground equipment is almost ready to be opened up – the exact date will be revealed soon on the City of Torrance Facebook page.  Get the kids ready!

Almost eady to swing into action

Almost ready to swing into action


Focus Sharpens on Views

Torrance City Council will hold a public hearing on the TREE and VIEW ORDINANCE on Tuesday, June 28!!!Residents are invited to speak at this meeting. Please be there to show your support. If you like, please make a statement of your support.

Please do show up for this last, most important meeting on the hearing!!
 The council will make their FINAL DECISION on the proposed ordinance at this hearing. The most impactful thing you can do to help this process is to be there and urge them to adopt an ordinance and guidelines similar to the City of Rolling Hills Estates View Equity Ordinance. The council is in favor of this action, but city staff is still opposed to an ordinance, so it is not a done deal.

Please be there at the City Council hearing to direct them to adopt the ordindance as soon as possible. The trees keep growing, and many residents have been waiting for this for decades. Now is the time to speak out!!!


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