Defending the Hollywood Riviera

New Years greetings to all residents of the Hollywood Riviera – we wish you a happy and prosperous 2018!

In addition to our ‘normal’ activities that occupy the year – the landscape awards, scholarship awards, community meetings, and more – we continue to keep a watchful eye on developments (and developers) that threaten to crowd and diminish the character of the Riviera.  We’ll keep you updated on the Legado project (in Redondo Beach at PCH and Palos Verdes Blvd) as well as the Butcher Hill project at Hawthorne and Valmonte.  We also keep a watchful eye on home enlargements to make sure the Hillside Overlay remains steadfastly enforced.   Stay tuned for more news and please think about getting involved with the RHA to keep our Riviera the most desirable community in the South Bay.

Tired of Traffic on PCH, Newton, and Vista Montana?

Starbuck’s Coffee is planning a new drive-thru-only coffee shop on the corner of PCH and Vista Montana, once the now vacant Maria’s restaurant is torn down.  The construction has already been approved by the Torrance Planning Commission.

No businesses or residents have appealed the approval, but Councilman Mike Griffiths has appealed the construction pending the lengthening of the left-turn pocket from westbound PCH onto Vista Montana, and a sign forbidding left turns onto PCH from Ladeene Street (across the street from Walgreen’s).

If you think that either
a) Putting another Starbuck’s on PCH, at this busy intersection is an incredibly bad idea, or
b) At a minimum the left-turn pocket and lane from westbound PCH be lengthened as a necessary condition for this project

Councilman Griffiths is asking for public support.  He is only one vote out of seven on the city council.  Please help keep the traffic as safe as possible in our neighborhood. Thank you!!!!

Email contact for city officials: (Mayor Furey),
HAshcraft@Torranceca.Gov(Council mbr Heidi Ashcraft), (Council mbr Tim Goodrich, (council mbr Mike Griffiths), (council mbr Milt Herring), (council mbr Geoff Rizzo), (council mbr Kurt Weideman)


Are you current?

Greetings Riviera residents,

Our fall membership drive is in full swing – have you renewed your dues?  Please continue your support of the RHA with either a one year membership at $25 or a two year membership at $45.  Your dues will allow the RHA to continue supporting and defending the needs of residents – representing the Hollywood Riviera to our local and state officials, informing you with our newsletters, providing scholarships to local high school seniors (see below), and more.  As postage and printing costs go up, we sometimes struggle to provide the printed newsletters which so many enjoy receiving (each newsletter is also made available online).  We also would like to increase the number of scholarships provided to our most deserving students.  Therefore we use this fall membership drive to gauge the ability to provide the volunteer (no one gets paid!) efforts that serve our community during the year.

Please give to support and preserve the Hollywood Riviera – jewel of the South Bay!  click here

Daylight $$avings

Save some of that daylight straight to your bank account!  Learn to harness all that solar radiation at the upcoming Town Hall Forum co-sponsored by Environmental Priorities Network on Saturday November 4 starting at 9:00AM.  Local resident Jim Montgomery, who spoke at the RHA meeting last year, giving an excellent survey of past and future NASA Mars missions, will be a featured speaker.   If you are interested in learning more about rooftop solar and/or plug-in electric vehicles and how to take advantage of them this free event is for you.  Click here for more information on attending.
By the way, we pick up an hour Sunday as we switch to PST from PDT.

Vets in need, neighbors indeed

Congressman Ted Lieu has invited members of the RHA and other homeowners associations to attend this community forum aimed at establishing a greater understanding between local veterans and the friends and neighbors they fought for. Veterans are invited to share what their service means to them, and non-veterans are invited to attend, listen, and learn.
It’s scheduled to last only 90 minutes on Friday, November 10 from 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Wadsworth Theater on the West LA VA Campus.  There’s lots of free parking next to the theater.  Click on the link above to RSVP.

Veterans Day is November 11.

This year’s model scholar

The RHA community often gets thanks directly from our scholarship winners.  This from one of this year’s award winners:

Thank you so much for choosing me as the recipient of the RHA scholarship.  It’s a very large amount of money and it will be very beneficial to me for the next four years.  I plan on using the money to buy a laptop that is required for my major (construction management).  Once again thank you so much, it means an enormous amount to receive this scholarship.
 –  Sincerely, Evan Tookey

September General Meeting features local Assembly Member

The RHA had the honor of presenting our 66th District Assemblyman, Al Muratsuchi, to the audience at our September 20th General Meeting, attended by dozens of local residents and co-hosted with the Seaside Neighborhood Association.  After speaking at length about statewide as well as local issues, Mr Muratsuchi took questions from the audience in a quite intimate opportunity to share ideas with our Sacramento representative. 

We heard about initiatives to improve education and make it more affordable, the challenges in balancing the urgent need for more housing with preserving quality of life and the character of our neighborhoods.  Mr Muratsuchi has been involved with statewide moves to require better monitoring of refineries, including our own here in Torrance, and also looking at alternative technologies to the use of MHF for gasoline production.

Members of the RHA Board and residents impacted by traffic along PCH present Representative Al Muratsuchi with a certificate of thanks for his help in getting funding for the new fencing and trees along PCH that were installed this summer.

In a departure from the usual, our meeting was co-hosted with the Seaside Neighborhood Association, who gave a rundown on their recent activities, including their “no signs, no fines” initiative to challenge the city on the new No Parking signs installed throughout the city.

Finally, we received a much-needed briefing on the proposed Butcher-Solana development at Hawthorne Blvd and Via Valmonte from Pete Verenkoff, a longtime Riviera resident who has compiled a comprehensive study of the planned project and  has been working with the city’s Community Development Department to understand the lengthy approval process and relay concerns that residents have about the density, traffic impact, and zoning implications.  A guide to the project’s expected timeline and progress is now available on our website, at

Dolphin Developments

You might have seen or heard that the beloved dolphin statue at Miramar Park has suffered in recent years and has been in a state of terrestrial disrepair.  Jamie Davis, a local contractor, has stepped forward to refurbish the unnamed delphinidae, and a number of other nearby residents have funded the replacement of the rubber padding underneath.  The city will soon allow work to progress, and we can once again allow the children ‘all aboard’ our icon of the sea.

Dolphin rescue underway!

Dee Hardison 1938-2017

We share the sad news that former Mayor Dee Hardison passed away last night, September 30, 2017.  City Manager LeRoy Jackson commented, “Dee was so much a part of Torrance and our organization and really who we are.  She is someone who had such an impact on this community and our City family.”

The website below includes a bio of Dee and provides an avenue to share comments with the family.

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