Riviera Scholars

Working with the placement officers at South High and other local high schools, the RHA reviews scholarship applications, and each year selects 2 or more students to receive support from the community. Your annual membership dues make this possible.

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Latest RHA Scholarship recipients:

Congratulations to the 2018 recipients of the RHA scholarships!   Each has received a check for $750 to advance their college studies.  


Lauren Pierson is heading to Montana State University, where she’ll major in Environmental Science.        – Thank you note from Lauren

Elizabeth Hadnett has chosen to head East to Villanova for her Pre-Med studies.

Left: Scholarship Committee member Denise O’Neil and co-President Pam Popovich present the scholarship award to Elizabeth Hadnett at Miramar Park
Right: Co-president Amy Josefek presents Lauren Pierson with her award.


Evan Tookey, attending Cal Poly, San Luis Obisbo College of Architecture
     – Thank you note from Evan

Juliette Ota, attending UC Berkeley College of Natural Resources

Co-president Amy Josefek presenting 2017 scholarship award winners Juliette Ota and Evan Tookey

Prior years’ scholarship winners:


Regina Mettey, attending University of Washington. Studying Biology

Annaliese Segoviano, attending Orange Coast Community College as a business major


Our 2016 Scholarship awardees, Regina Mettey and Annaliese Segoviano


Dylan Tookey has accepted an offer from UCLA – his first choice!  He’ll study Biomedical Engineering and Physiological Sciences, and seems well on his way to his dream career of helping people thru either Science or Medicine. Dylan’s managed to compete in South HS sports, work part time jobs and maintain an almost perfect GPA, all while volunteering from the 5th grade on!

Adriana Trejo-Sheu plans to be a Pediatrician, caring for Special Needs kids, and study ways to counteract their daily physical and mental struggles. Adriana has told us she’s going to Johns Hopkins to study Global Health or Neuroscience, and considers volunteering a “monumental part of her life”  That shows with her dedication to local organizations, keeping her very busy along with school athletics and another incredible scholastic record.


2015 scholarship winners Dylan Tookey and Adriana Trejo-Sheu

Both of these students, along with so many of their Riviera classmates, should make us especially proud to live in an area that nurtures caring young adults such as Adriana and Dylan. We look forward to them both doing great things in the coming years and in their careers and lives.


Christina Bitten
Plans to attend: UC Berkeley
Anna Spalino
Plans to attend: UCLA

2014 scholarship winners Anna Spallino and Christina Bitten

2014 scholarship winners Anna Spallino and Christina Bitten


Cali Almeida
Plans to attend: CSU San Luis Obispo
James Redmond
Plans to attend: UC Santa Barbara

2013 Scholarship winners:

2013 Scholarship winners: James Redmond and Cali Almeida


2012 Scholarship winners: Brett Hoffman, Jaime Savitz, and Curren Clune


2011 Scholarship winners: Emily Guidry and John Popovich – $500 each


2010 scholarship winners Hugh Bahe and Sara Yamamoto – $400 each


 Genevieve Bever
Melina Waltl
 Nathan Heisey
Audrey Han


Nicholas Cincotta
 Chrystopher Propster
 Noboru Emori
  Mathieu Gonin


 Elizabeth Jones
 Chris Helling
 Andre Zollinger
 Chris Feng


 James Gilbert
 Nicholas Heisey
 Connie Huang
Nicholas Herzik


Alicia Fernandez
 Alexa Gavola
Anthony Maggio
 Erin Schumacher


Matt Gerhardt

Sarah Keel

Suzanne Paine

Satoru Emori


Adam Taylor
Jason Lee
Andrew Herzik
Melissa Albrecht


Adam Lunzer

Royce Neumeyer

Rachael Caesar

Natalie Balin


John David Gamble $1000
Michael Peterson $1000


Sarah Ball $1000
Ben Graham $1000


Monica Ravizzi $1000


Erin Connors $1000


Erica Hart $500
Mark Doddy $500


Mark Morris $1000


Danielle Pellet $1000

This is the 21st year of scholarships granted by the RHA, made possible by your membership dues.

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