Riviera Scholars

Working with the placement officers at South High and other local high schools, the RHA reviews scholarship applications, and each year selects at least one student to receive support from the community. Your annual membership dues make this possible.

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Latest RHA Scholarship recipients:


Matthew Long

Matthew Long was born and raised in Torrance.  He is active in 5 clubs and holds leadership positions in 3 of them.  He has been active in cross country and track and field all 4 years.  Matthew is active in his church and does volunteer work.  He also babysits to help pay for college.  He wants to go to Law School and become a lawyer. He’s accumulated a 4.0 grade point and is kind, mature and polite.  One of Matt’s philosophies is to never settle for mediocrity.

Victoria Belveal

Victoria Belveal was born and raised in Torrance.  In 11th grade, she won an internship at Boeing in El Segundo.  This sparked her interest in aerospace engineering.  She has already been accepted into Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida.  She wants to go on and get her masters  then her PHD. 
“Learning is a passion of mine, so I never want to stop learning”. Also a 4.0 student.  She is a leader, enthusiastic. competitive and very personable.

Danil Galeev

Danil Galeev was born in Russia who migrated to the United States in 2018.  He started at South High School as a Freshman knowing little English.  His mother is a cancer survivor and his father works 7 days a week to support his family.  He wants to be a doctor or nurse and is very motivated to go to college and pursue his goal.  His grades get better each year (this year he has a 4.0) and his citizenship grades are almost all “E”s.  Danil is also proficient in music  – playing the piano and guitar.  He volunteers at a Residential Care Facility and helps at beach cleanups.

Prior years’ scholarship winners:


Sara DaSilva

I am planning on going to the University of Washington and I am studying Environmental Studies! I am so excited for the next four years, thank you so much again! 
I had a wonderful time at the RHA meeting and I learned so much about our community!

Yiyi Cai

is going to the California Institute of Technology in the fall, where she hopes to study computer science and physics. She is hoping to get a PhD in either artificial-intelligence-related areas or quantum computing. 
Teaching in academia or working for some tech companies as a researcher or software engineer are the two potential paths she is looking into right now.  

Summer Spencer

In the fall I will be attending Baylor University to study biology as a part of the pre-medicine track. After college and medical school, I hope to work as an ER doctor at one of our wonderful, local hospitals. Biology and medicine are my passions, they have the ability to provide hope and healing to those who really need it. I am ecstatic to start growing into the best doctor I can be and am extremely grateful for your help in achieving this goal. 


While our tradition is to personally meet each awardee in order to present checks, CoVid has prevented that from happening in 2020.  These South High School students each received a $900 scholarship toward their colleges of choice thanks to the residents of the Hollywood Riviera. Congratulations to both!


Congratulations to the 2019 recipient of the RHA scholarship!
John Bouabsi has received a check for $1000 to advance his college studies.  

Outstanding South High student John Bouabsi receives his scholarship award from RHA scholarship committee members Amy Josefek and Denise O’Neil. John will be studying engineering at Cal State University Long Beach.

This is John Bouabsi, I was the recipient of the Riviera Home Owner Association Scholarship last year. With everything going on in the world right now, it made me realize how appreciative I am for the scholarship. The scholarship has allowed me to go into my first year of college with some breathing room financially and allowed me to do things that I would not have been able to do without it. And certainly during this time it [has] been a huge help with both my parents out of work right now. I would also like to give you a recap of my first semester and what has been this second semester. During the first semester I maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.62 taking Calculus 1 and various engineering courses, and this second semester I faced the challenge of both Physics and Calculus 2 along with several engineering course. More importantly I hope yourself and everyone involved within the Association is well and healthy and I hope you all stay safe. Again I can not express how grateful I am to have received that scholarship. Sincerely, John Bouabsi 

– emailed April 2020


Lauren Pierson is heading to Montana State University, where she’ll major in Environmental Science.        – Thank you note from Lauren

Elizabeth Hadnett has chosen to head East to Villanova for her Pre-Med studies.

Left: Scholarship Committee member Denise O’Neil and co-President Pam Popovich present the scholarship award to Elizabeth Hadnett at Miramar Park
Right: Co-president Amy Josefek presents Lauren Pierson with her award.


Evan Tookey, attending Cal Poly, San Luis Obisbo College of Architecture

     – Thank you note from Evan

Juliette Ota, attending UC Berkeley College of Natural Resources

Co-president Amy Josefek presenting 2017 scholarship award winners Juliette Ota and Evan Tookey


Regina Mettey, attending University of Washington. Studying Biology

Annaliese Segoviano, attending Orange Coast Community College as a business major

Our 2016 Scholarship awardees, Regina Mettey and Annaliese Segoviano


Dylan Tookey has accepted an offer from UCLA – his first choice!  He’ll study Biomedical Engineering and Physiological Sciences, and seems well on his way to his dream career of helping people thru either Science or Medicine. Dylan’s managed to compete in South HS sports, work part time jobs and maintain an almost perfect GPA, all while volunteering from the 5th grade on!

Adriana Trejo-Sheu plans to be a Pediatrician, caring for Special Needs kids, and study ways to counteract their daily physical and mental struggles. Adriana has told us she’s going to Johns Hopkins to study Global Health or Neuroscience, and considers volunteering a “monumental part of her life”  That shows with her dedication to local organizations, keeping her very busy along with school athletics and another incredible scholastic record.

2015 scholarship winners Dylan Tookey and Adriana Trejo-Sheu

Both of these students, along with so many of their Riviera classmates, should make us especially proud to live in an area that nurtures caring young adults such as Adriana and Dylan. We look forward to them both doing great things in the coming years and in their careers and lives.


Christina Bitten

Plans to attend: UC Berkeley

Anna Spalino

Plans to attend: UCLA

2014 scholarship winners Anna Spallino and Christina Bitten
2014 scholarship winners Anna Spallino and Christina Bitten


Cali Almeida

Plans to attend: CSU San Luis Obispo

James Redmond

Plans to attend: UC Santa Barbara

2013 Scholarship winners:
2013 Scholarship winners: James Redmond and Cali Almeida


2012 Scholarship winners: Brett Hoffman, Jaime Savitz, and Curren Clune


2011 Scholarship winners: Emily Guidry and John Popovich – $500 each


2010 scholarship winners Hugh Bahe and Sara Yamamoto – $400 each


Genevieve Bever


Melina Waltl


Nathan Heisey


Audrey Han



Nicholas Cincotta


 Chrystopher Propster


 Noboru Emori


  Mathieu Gonin



 Elizabeth Jones


Chris Helling


 Andre Zollinger


 Chris Feng



James Gilbert


Nicholas Heisey


 Connie Huang


Nicholas Herzik



Alicia Fernandez


Alexa Gavola


Anthony Maggio


Erin Schumacher



Matt Gerhardt


Sarah Keel


Suzanne Paine


Satoru Emori



Adam Taylor


Jason Lee


Andrew Herzik


Melissa Albrecht



Adam Lunzer


Royce Neumeyer


Rachael Caesar


Natalie Balin



John David Gamble $1000

Michael Peterson $1000


Sarah Ball $1000

Ben Graham $1000


Monica Ravizzi $1000


Erin Connors $1000


Erica Hart $500

Mark Doddy $500


Mark Morris $1000


Danielle Pellet $1000

This is the 21st year of scholarships granted by the RHA, made possible by your membership dues.

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