The Hillside Overlay

The Hillside Overlay ordinance is available from the city of Torrance website:

More information on the Planning Department, including the Planning Commission meeting minutes, and transportation issues can be gleaned from their website.  Click here to visit.

The RHA encourages residents, prospective residents, realtors, and city officials to read and understand the Hillside Overlay ordinance, and to learn more about the ordinance from the Association, and from your elected City Council.

We have also assembled advice regarding the Overlay for the benefit of homeowners, realtors, or others who seek common sense answers about what it entails. Especially since state-wide zoning limits were passed in 2021, there is some renewed interest in what protections the Overlay ordinance provides:

(Note: this flyer is designed to be printed double sided and tri-folded as hardcopy) 

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