Closing out February

Torrance Firefighters shine bright light on capabilities, responsibilities

The February 9 RHA General Meeting was graced by the presence of many of Torrance’s finest, who took the time to brief residents on some of the latest accomplishments and enhancements to the TFD. 

The Riviera loves its firefighters!

They also brought over some of their ever-sparkling engine equipment to give hands-on demonstrations of the life- and property-saving technology embedded in the well-known red firetrucks.  Much in-depth information was provided, and many questions from the audience answered.
Click here for more pictures from this very illuminating Meeting!

High School Senior Scholarship deadline
this week

If you have (or are) a senior graduating high school this year, don’t forget to apply for one of two scholarships awarded anually by the RHA.  Click the Riviera Scholars link on the left to learn how to apply, for students either at South High or other area schools.  The deadline has been extended to the end of this week (March 4), so no excuses!

Rattlesnake Run this Friday!

Dry off your tennies, to join your neighbors for this opportunity to raise money for the PTSA-sponsored programs at Richardson.  Click here for all the details.

Slow Down, now

Walk, don’t run, at the upcoming Relay for Life, to be held this year at the new South High football stadium.  Find out what teams are participating, to help fund the American Cancer Society.  Click here for more info.

Save the date – next RHA General Meeting

That will be April 27, and it will be fun and of course, informative.  Jot it down on your calendar now, while you’re thinking about it!

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