Views addressed at the February RHA General meeting

The February 8 RHA meeting featured a lively exchange with Torrance City Councilman Pat Furey over the issue of trees, views, and the prospects for a ‘tree ordinance’ to cover the hillside overlay districts within Torrance.    The RHA has been actively investigating the pros and cons of an ordinance, and what similar communities have achieved.

Councilman Furey outlined the past history, and challenges, behind attempts to enact such ordinances, and took many questions dealing with how residents can cope with view obstructions, both from neighbors’ vegetation as well as trees maintained

Councilman Pat Furey speaks at the 2012 February 8 General Meeting.

by the city and TUSD school district.  (Both are dealing with severe budget constraints.)  He also stressed the common-sense approach of neighbors collaborating with each other in honest and frank conversation and negotiation.

The RHA has an online petition which you can view and sign, if you agree with the request to have the  Torrance City Council and staff to consider such an ordinance.  If you are interested in spending some time to pursue such an ordinance, please contact the RHA by clicking here.

For photos of the February 8 meeting,  click here.  Stay tuned for more news on the prospects for a Torrance tree ordinance.

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