Stepped-up street sweeping seen soon

Last week’s city council meeting focused on the emerging issue of new street sweeping rules, including signs to be posted for weekly no parking days. Tickets for parking on  a street during the three hours of  street sweeping time may be set to $43.00, once the details of the new policy are established

At the meeting, several residents of the Seaside neighborhood had comments and complaints about the proposed placement of the poles and signs for street sweeping.  The residents there have been asking for fewer signs than were originally planned for (over 5,000 signs to be placed 300 feet apart all over Torrance).   After walking around Seaside with the residents and a city engineer in April, RHA President Judy Brunetti felt that the marked sign locations were not good either—for example, directly in front of homes rather than at property lines.

 After hearing from anyone who wished to speak on the matter, council decided that :

1)  They agreed that there has not been sufficient communication letting residents know that mandatory street sweeping is coming to Torrance.  It must be done to lessen the debris in rainwater runoff to the bay and limit the debris going into the gutters.
The council decided to send out mailed flyers to inform everyone in Torrance.

2)  They will limit the number of signs–maybe just one at each end of the street. Mr. John Dettle, public works engineer, said he would personally check the sign placement to make sure they are correct (ie. not too many, and at the property line when necessary).

3) Contractors will start installing the open-and-close grates on the rain gutters right away, but the signs will come later.

4) City council needs to discuss further what to do about street sweeping on streets that have parking only on one side of the street, like many streets in the Riviera.

5) The current fine for parking on the street during street sweeping hours is $43.00.  This is likely going to stay the same, but may also be discussed.

 Further discussion on signage and parking issues by the council has been delayed until July 22, when there will be new council members seated.

 Here are some links to background information motivating the initiating of street sweeping signage:

 The RHA is actively working with the city to provide feedback on the proposed signage (and penalties) and also with the other homeowner associations in the area to coordinate better across our communities.  We will continue to keep you posted on future developments.

 Candidate forum followup

As part of our candidate forum Q&A at South High earlier this month, we solicited answers to several questions that would be of concern to Riviera residents.  A compilation of those questions and answers are now available at this link.  Thank you to all the candidates for mayor and city council who took the time to respond to this questionnaire. 

Election Day is June 3 – put it on your calendars and don’t forget to vote!!
Vote for Mayor
Vote for City Council
Vote for City Clerk

May General meeting – Crime Awareness & Prevention

Our next meeting announcement is on our website, we are excited to have an informative and timely presentation, with great relevance today to all Riviera homeowners and residents.   You’ll also get a chance to learn who this year’s college scholarship winners are. 

Relay for Life 2014

Congratulations to all the relay walkers at last weekend’s Relay for Life who dedicated part of last weekend at South High in the fight against cancer.  All funds raised support the American Cancer Society for their research and support efforts.   The Hollywood Riviera Sportsmen’s Club was among the groups providing the most fundraising, as well as delicious pancakes for the Sunday morning wrapup.  If you’d like to help push the group over their fundraising target of $12,000, click here and give generously.


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