Triathlon: Treat or Trial?

Come the early hours of Sunday, September 21, the streets of the Riviera might be abuzz with the sounds of thudding running shoes and whooshing bicycle wheels. A “World Cup Triathlon” is being negotiated with the city of Torrance, and we may be eyewitness to a doozy of a sport spectacular. A mailer recently went to many Riviera residents (click here to see it) recently describing the proposed route.
In addition, the City Council will hear more about this proposal and be able to take comments from residents, so whether you’re for or against the idea, come to tomorrow’s City Council meeting at 7:00pm to learn more or let your voice be heard. We’ll continue to keep you updated through the summer as events unfold. For more information:

City Candidate Q&A redo

Once again, we remind you of the answers provided to our candidates’ questionnaire  by mayoral and city council candidates.  And once again your webmaster apologizes, this time for omitting from our last edition the answers provided by candidate Tim Goodrich (who was first to respond).  The complete Q&A is available hereand hopefully serves you as a useful guide for the upcoming June 3 election.

Airport noise update

At last week’s Airport Commission meeting , a representative from WebTrak (the City’s new online flight tracking system), appeared and explained why the system is not working.    Staff is to report back to the Commission next month (June 12) on options to get the system to work.  If they cannot get it to work, they will not be able to enforce the rule against “early left turns” over the Riviera or training on the south side of the Airport.  Also, the Commission seemed pleased with the format and content of the new Quarterly Noise Abatement Report.  It has a  lot more useful information, including a list of the specific violations.  This report was for the first three months of this year.  There were 123 noise violations.  For more info on helicopter noise issues, please visit

Reminder: Crime Awareness & Prevention

Don’t forget, this Wednesday’s important general meeting at Richardson Middle School, focused on, yes, crime awareness and prevention.  More details on our webpage: 
This would be a good time to forward this notice to your friends and neighbors who might not have been made aware of the meeting.

Take care and be safe during the upcoming Memorial Day weekend!


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