View Ordinance to get hearing from City Council – Tuesday

The Torrance City Council will vote this week, Tuesday night, Oct. 21 on whether to investigate a tree/view ordinance for the Hillside Overlay  (meeting agenda).  There will be a presentation by the Planning Department on various ordinances and scenarios.  After that, the council will vote to either A) Continue discussing the matter with the public  B) Go ahead and write a draft ordinance on trees and views or C) Shelf the matter and do nothing.

This is the best chance we have had in decades to have the Torrance City Council adopt an ordinance that would give us guidelines and a fair process for resolving these conflicts!

However, the city council is not unanimously in favor of this ordinance. We have met with council members this week and we know that the vote will split on the issue. There is some opposition from city staff and manager, also.  The mayor wants to bring it to a public hearing, but it has to survive a vote on Tuesday of the whole city council–he only has one vote.

If you are interested in preserving your view, your neighborhood, your property value and maintaining good relations with your neighbors while working through view issues, it is EXTREMELY important to be at city council on Tuesday night to show your support.

Only if the council sees that the community is strongly behind this will it carry the vote.  The Homeowners Association has done all that we can do to get it to this point.  Now it is up to you, the resident, to make sure that they know this is important to you and to the neighborhood to maintain our special area and keep it as lovely as it is now.


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