Tree and view ordinance coming into focus

Would you like to see a tree/view ordinance in the Torrance muni code?   Come on down and say so!

After several years of petitions, meetings, lobbying with council members, and declarations at city council, we in the Riviera finally have an opportunity to show our support for a Torrance tree and view ordinance with the city staff that would  run this program.

The Torrance Community Development Department and the Riviera Homeowners Association are holding a  community meeting on the topic of a proposed tree and view ordinance.  This important meeting will be at 7:00 PM on Feb. 11 at Richardson Middle School, 23751 Nancy Lee Lane, at the corner of Nancy Lee Lane and Newton Street.  We know that the mayor is in favor of a tree ordinance, but that several staff members remain opposed.  Please show your support for a tree/view ordinance by attending this meeting and voicing your opinion.

There will be a brief presentation, and then residents will be asked to share their opinions and suggestions.

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