Bothered by the Buzz?

To: Concerned residents
Now there is something you can do about helicopter noise. You may have seen the recent article in the Daily Breeze on the FAA’s new Automated Complaint System for helicopter noise in LA County. If not, click on this link to the article online.

We can all use this system to file complaints whenever bothered by helicopter noise. By doing so, we can help document the extent of the problem which may lead to some real improvements.

There are three ways to file complaints about helicopter noise:
1) Call (424) 348-HELI (4354)
2) Use the general complaint form at
3) Use the WebTrak system at

Option 3, WebTrak for helicopter noise, is a flight tracking system that allows you to find and report the specific helicopter flight that bothered you. However, this WebTrak system is experiencing problems. It does not show many of the helicopter flights taking place in the South Bay area. Also, because the system has a built-in delay, you have to make a note of the time, wait up to an hour, then go to the WebTrak website to find your flight and file your complaint. Therefore, for the present time, it may be easier for most residents to file complaints by using either of the first two options (phone or general complaint form).

Attached is a flyer you can print and keep available for future reference:


More information on the LA Helicopter Noise Initiative is available at the LA Area Helicopter Noise Coalition website:

For this information, we thank:
Richard Root
Founder, Citizens for Quiet Helicopters
Board Member, LA Area Helicopter Noise Coalition

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