Key City Council hearing Tuesday on View Ordinance

Folks, this June 28 City Council meeting is one of the most important milestones on the road to getting a View Ordinance governing trees and other vegetation enacted here in Torrance.  You may have received this notice in the mail:

EPSON scanner image

Meeting notice

Please plan to attend, in order to hear details of the View Equity ordinance proposed by city staff, and to provide your input during the meeting.  The draft ordinance can be read here.  Don’t be intimidated by the size of this file; the draft itself can be found on pages 7-14.   A useful flowchart summarizing the draft ordinance is presented in an addendum on the very last page.  The rest is introductory material, plus accounts of past hearings and copies of citizen input.

The RHA is concerned that the ordinance may not have adequate enforcement mechanisms that would make it effective in most situations.  We will report back on our evaluation of this draft, and will be sure to represent the interests of view proponents as well as tree owners in the months ahead.

Worth saving!

Worth saving!

If you cannot attend this June 28 meeting (at Council chambers at 3031 Torrance Blvd), then you may communicate via email to your council representatives as well as Linda Cessna, Deputy Community Development Director at Community_Development_Dept@TorranceCA.Gov

Rocketship park almost ready

The new playground equipment is almost ready to be opened up – the exact date will be revealed soon on the City of Torrance Facebook page.  Get the kids ready!

Almost eady to swing into action

Almost ready to swing into action


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