Trees and Views Ordinance – on deck!

Torrance city staff will report back to city council on Wed. October 4, with their new, revised draft ordinance. They have been charged by council to include an Advisory Opinion from a city representative as part of the process, recommend fees, and write an ordinance that resembles the one in Rolling Hills Estates.  They have also been told to develop a plan to  implement the ordinance step by step in different neighborhoods, rather than have it start in all areas of the Hillside Overlay at once.

For a refresher course on the ordinance, its history, and prospects, attend our General Meeting this Wednesday September 21 from 7:00 PM at Richardson Middle school featuring Torrance Councilman Kurt Weideman, who will discuss the Hillside Ordinance and how it affects Hollywood Riviera homeowners.

We need a fair, legally binding process to resolve view disputes between tree owners and view seekers. This is the time to do it!!  We encourage all homeowners to attend the Oct 4 city council meeeting and express your own views.

So Long, Summer!

It’s time to say goodbye to summer! Did you hang out with friends and family? Did you take any exciting trips? Come fill the El Retiro Library display wall with memories of your best moments of summer! Drop in anytime the Library is open,  between now and September 22.

Clean up time again

The annual Coastal Cleanup Day is *yikes!* tomorrow morning Saturday Sep 17 9AM til noon.  You like the beaches clean, so pitch in!  Locations include Torrance Beach, Rat Beach, and Redondo Beach.  For details, and to sign up, click on this Heal the Bay website.

Nearby Coastal Cleanup sites

Nearby Coastal Cleanup sites

New news

The Riviera Reporter, our venerable printed newsletter, should be landing on your doorstep this weekend.  You can find it here on our website also, as always, along with decades of earlier ones – featuring a wealth of interesting historical tidbits.  See how busy we’ve been this summer, checking out your wonderful yardscapes and pursuing your homeowner interests with the city.   And you’ll find all you need to know about sending in your voluntary homeowner association dues, to help us keep the shine on your Hollywood Riviera, jewel of the southbay.

Another way to contribute

Psst:  got a few extra hours – per year?  The RHA needs you.  Email our co-presidents to find out how!

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