Update on Legado Redondo

The Redondo Beach City Council met February 7th for a yes/ no vote on a settlement the City had negotiated with Legado attorneys in December. The proposal was ostensibly for a reduced-size, 115-unit plan (but with no reduced overall footprint), that did not also mandate any plan for a Palos Verdes Inn renovation prior to residential/commercial space construction.
The City Council voted 3-to-2 against the settlement.  Stay tuned to see what happens next.

Town Hall Meeting

Mayor Pat Furey will be “in town” – hosting a Town Hall meeting Thursday Feb 16 7:00PM at South High School.  Should be a good chance to get updated on city government initiatives here in South Torrance and city wide.

Space Talk

Hopefully, you’ve already added next Wednesday’s RHA General Meeting to your calendar.  Featured speaker Jim Montgomery will give the low down (or high up) on Mars exploration, the space program, and how we and future generations will engage with this infinite frontier. Come also for the latest on local Riviera issues, meet your neighbors, and enjoy the hospitality
For details, visit our website, or see our latest Riviera Reporter, out today.

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