Educating the Electorate

The RHA, together with the Seaside and Southwood Homeowners Association, brought together our Torrance city council and mayoral candidates for a brisk, well-attended question and answer session to help Torrance voters decide who to vote for on June 5.  Many thanks to Marc Danziger who moderated the event, and all the homeowner associations’ leaders who worked hard to make it happen.

CityCouncil (6)

City Council Candidates: Kurt Weideman, Bill Sutherland, Jimmy Gow, Aurelio Mattucci, Tim Goodrich, George Chen


Mayoral candidates: Ron Riggs, Pat Furey, Tom Brewer

If you missed the forum, or would like to watch the action again, this video lets you watch the city council portion and this video the mayoral portion.  Our thanks to Dan Feliz for providing this footage.

Good luck deciding!

At-large at-risk

Torrance may be changing from at-large to district elections. Currently, our elections are held at-large, which means that all six Council members and the Mayor are elected to their posts by every voter in Torrance. If changed, Torrance would move to district elections where the City is split into geographic areas and there is one Council member elected by only the people of that area to represent that section of the City. The Mayor would still be elected at-large.

You may attend one of the public hearings below to learn more and voice your opinion. All meeting are held during the regular City Council meetings at 7pm, with the exception of April 16th, which will be at 5pm.


All of these meetings regarding the transition from at-large to district-based elections will be live on CitiCable3 (Spectrum), 31 (Frontier) and over-the-air KNET 25.2 and on-line at

Save the Movie Date

Saturday, July 28 Torrance Movies in the Park will bring Despicable Me 3 (rated PG) to our very own El Retiro Park (126 Vista del Parque).


For more information, click here.

We want you, really

As we move toward the summer months, the RHA Board continues to work toward engaging and supporting the Hollywood Riviera community with the support of all our residents and especially paid members.

We are on the lookout for homeowners who have an interest in bettering the Riviera by contributing your know-how and time by sitting on the RHA Board.  It’s a ridiculously small number of people who carry the ball forward and we’d love to have you join us.  Please email to ask, if only to learn more.



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