Make your city a better place

RHA board members recently attended one of the several strategic planning focus groups going on around Torrance. The next one happens on March 13th, 7 p.m. at Torrance Airport.

As a Torrance resident you can learn more, and register to attend the next one at this site:

(Reservations are required.) There’s also a button on that page to click for RESIDENT SURVEY.  All residents should complete this, it only takes about 5 minutes, especially If you can’t attend on the 13th.

Like you, the RHA wants to make the city of Torrance a better place to live and work, and these efforts will hopefully guide the city’s leadership to make wise choices.  Be a part of it.

Save the Date

Please set aside the evening of Wednesday April 24 May 1 to attend the next RHA General Meeting, as usual at Richardson Middle School.  The RHA board has been staying on top of multiple issues: the Torrance Refinery, cut-through traffic, state housing proposals, and city council elections, to name a few.   A full agenda will be made available a few weeks in advance.

Scholarship deadline

As in years past, the RHA will be awarding a college scholarship award to a deserving Riviera high school senior.  The application deadline is this week, so check with your high school counselor to make sure your application is in.  For more information, click here.

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