Noise up there got you down?

The tremendous uptick in aircraft noise has come following the City’s sudden cancellation of the noise-monitoring system they’d used for many years.

On October 1, 2020, the Torrance Airport Noise system was taken out of service. With no means to measure the noise generated by aircraft nor to track the flight path or altitude of flights at Torrance Airport, staff was no longer able to effectively investigate aircraft noise events.

This will be a very important meeting for residents to voice their concerns about the increased noise, so that the City is encouraged to take the necessary steps to engage a new monitoring service.

The Airport Commission will meet this Thursday,  March 11th, and present data regarding restoring the Noise Abatement system at that meeting.

The meeting is open to the public and would be a good opportunity to voice any questions/comments/concerns regarding the Noise Abatement system.  If you are interested in attending, it will be held virtually on March 11 at 7pm. The information for the virtual meeting can be found on the Agenda for March 11, 2021 at this link. Please read the “background and analysis” on the agenda for a more complete understanding of this recent history (page 5 of 19).

At the designated time, members of the public may view and participate in the meeting by calling in at (669) 900-9128 or via Zoom by using this link. Speakers will  each be given up to 2 minutes to speak. 

You can also submit written comments to the Commission at Written comments should be sent in no later than 1:00pm on Thursday, March 11th.

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