See the new Temporary Housing Village

In June 2021, Torrance City Council approved a temporary housing program for people experiencing homelessness in Torrance for a pilot period of 12 months. Please stop by and learn more about the program, 3290 Temporary Housing Village at Civic Center Drive. The Village will offer transitional housing for individuals experiencing homelessness along with wraparound services in the form of case management and housing navigation. It’s set to open next month. Harbor Interfaith Services, the service provider, will be available to answer any questions. For questions contact Torrance City Hall (310) 618-5880.

Coyotes and Us

Here’s some advice we can all take to minimize our interactions with these amazing, but sometimes threating, neighbors:

Visit the interactive Coyote Management Portal to learn more about urban coyote behavior and report coyote activity: TorranceCA.Gov/coyotes
For immediate assistance, call the 24-hour Coyote Hotline at (310) 618-3828.
If a coyote is behaving aggressively toward a human, please call 9-1-1.

Going for a walk?

  • Take a coyote deterrent such as a noise-maker or personal alarm.
  • Keep dogs on a short leash (6 feet or less).
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