City Council Takes Steps On Airport Noise, Jan 24

Are you still frustrated by airport noise?  Us, too. 

Once again, we are asking you to come to City Council to urge the Council to consider the needs of residents over pilots.  The meeting is Tuesday, January 24, Item 9B at City Hall at 6:30.  Help us keep our demands consistent by all of us asking for the same things: 

  1. Enforce the no-early-left-turn rule as written in the Municipal Code, including training flights, as intended.
  2. Close and begin removing the south runway.
  3. Recommend that pilots using the north runway fly as close as possible to the airport and avoid flying over residential areas.
  4. Evaluate potential environmental impacts in accordance with CEQA before approving or renewing a permit/lease to any flight training school.  

These are steps that the City, which owns the airport, can easily take that will reduce airport traffic over the entire City.  

The length of time that it has taken the City to take steps to reduce noise, and the lack of transparency of City Staff is unacceptable.   Read the minutes of the Transportation Committee meeting below, which was promised to be posted publicly but wasn’t, note the amount of time and negotiations spent with pilots, while residents were not invited or consulted, and you’ll be even angrier!  The City staff is snubbing the thousands of residents who are suffering from constant diving and climbing planes, while catering to a few pilots.

Please come and speak at the meeting!!  There are Council members who will listen. City Council makes the final decisions on the airport management.

Thank you! 
Your Riviera Homeowners Association

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