Airport Noise Update – Recap of Last Week’s Meeting


Even with short notice, there were over 100 residents who filled the room at the Katy Geissert Library on February 6th for a meeting, arranged by City Staff, with HOA representatives and Sling Pilot Academy. Each group made presentations and then attendees were each given one minute to make their points.

Sling passed out a flyer of their suggested ideas, which were good, but only voluntary. That was not an acceptable solution for the HOA representatives and others in the audience.

Many speakers mentioned the impact of noise on their homes and their wish that the rules for pilots were more than voluntary. Some spoke about enforcing the City Muni Code no-left-turn rule, others were very upset at pilots from other areas coming here to practice touch-and-goes for free. There was only one pilot who expressed his concerns about increased regulations which he felt might result in shutting down the airport. No other pilots appeared to be in the large audience.

As a result of the meeting, and in response to residents’ requests, City staff have scheduled a meeting next week with only HOA representatives, to discuss a possible resolution of the ongoing issues involving aircraft noise and the role of the flight schools at Zamperini Field. Residents are impatient for some relief and the City needs to find a way to give it to us.

Grappling With Racism – League of Women Voters Sponsors Forum February 23

The City of Torrance is hosting the League of Women Voters South Bay Area’s Forum on “Grappling with Racism, Bias, and Discrimination” on Thursday, February 23, 2023 in the Toyota Meeting Hall, at the Torrance Cultural Arts Center. The event is free, but registration is required. 

Click here for more information and to register
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