Next meeting – February 8 – Topic: views (and how to keep them)

View or No View

The topic of the February General Meeting presentation will be trees, views, and how they affect our quality of life and property values in the Riviera.  This is a subject related to the Hillside Overlay  Ordinance and was recently identified by those Riviera homeowners who completed our survey, as the #1 area of concern and interest to area residents.  Many survey respondents said they would like to find a way to peacefully resolve their issues regarding trees and views.  The Hillside Overlay does not directly address the topic of trees or vegetation.

Our October meeting described the history and impact of the Hillside ordinance on current structure constraints, and also its limitations in regards to trees and views.

Invited to speak is Torrance City councilman Pat Furey.  You’ll have a chance to share your opinions on views, and vegetation.  You may email questions, in advance, to

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