Happy New Year!

So ends 2011, with great hopes for a wonderful year ahead.

The RHA held a memorable Holiday Program this year, with holiday sounds brought to you by the South High Chorus, the Richardson Chorus, and the South High Jazz band.

You can see here a snippet of song from among many heard that night:

You can also click here to view a photo slideshow from the program.  Whether you were there that night or not, we’re sure you’ll enjoy the sights and sounds.

Take a look at the latest Landscape Award (click on the picture to see all the recent awards):

December 2011 - the Ely residence - 24219 Neece St


Stay in touch with the RHA in the weeks and months to come, as we bring you more news and activities, including the upcoming February 8 General Meeting, featuring councilman Pat Furey and a discussion of trees, views, and property values.

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