First General Meeting – this Wednesday

Perhaps you’ve seen the signs around the neighborhood.  Perhaps you got the first newsletter of our 2012-13 year (click here if you haven’t). Or perhaps you’re about to find out…about…the…

October 17 2012
RHA General Meeting
at Richardson Middle School
7:00pm – 9:00pm


“Filmed in the Riviera”
Short films and movie clips filmed locally
Special guest speakers:
Martin Cohen, executive on “American Beauty” filmed at South High
and our very own
Bruce McKaig, star of the classic “Skater Dater” and pioneer skateboarder

There will be additional short discussions on the progress of the View Ordinance initiative, a new issue revolving around a certain restaurant (see below), and a chance for you to update your membership in person if you haven’t already done so.
Remember that the RHA can only go on for as long as enough residents support us, so please renew your membership now.

Refreshments will be served!

New neighbors

Recently, it was brought to our attention that the city is reviewing a proposal by the new owners of the Oliver’s Restaurant property to expand the restaurant and extend the franchise of the Rock & Brew restaurant/club (currently one other in El Segundo).  Very little notice was available; you may have seen this small sign in front:

Notice of Public Hearing

It turns out that the hearing is also Wednesday night, and that there will be some concerned residents appearing at the meeting to get more details, and express opposition to what may otherwise become a serious noise issue.

The RHA has made available this petition for those who wish to sign it and circulate it for others to sign and bring to Wednesday’s hearing at city hall.  We encourage you to follow this issue closely, as it may have a long-lasting impact on our neighborhood.  Expect to hear more at the General Meeting also.

Raising the roof for Rock & Brew

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