Holiday Spirits on deck

Our October meeting – themed “Filmed in the Riviera” was a lot of fun.  We had a fine turnout, and learned a lot about some interesting movies filmed right in our area:  “American Beauty” filmed on location at South High, “Skater Dater” an early film chronicling the teenage pioneers of skateboarding, and a silent promotional film from the ‘30s with fascinating views of our landscape when only a few homes were actually built.  Our thanks to those who gave of their time to entertain us with this nostalgia.

Now for what’s coming – prepare to attend

the annual RHA Holiday Program
December 5, starting at 6:30pm
Richardson Middle School

Come enjoy the wonderful voices of the Riviera Elementary and Richardson choirs welcoming the season with traditional tunes, and of course, holiday treats will abound.  (Note: last year was at South High, but not this year!) Don’t miss this chance to join friends and neighbors to get the holidays rolling.

Inspirational December 2011 Holiday Program


New restaurant promises rock and brews – neighbors concerned:

Silhouette up – at Oliver’s

In other news, you may have heard of the new restaurant proposed for the corner of Palos Verdes Blvd and PCH, where Oliver’s now stands.   Several concerned neighbors have voiced their concerns about the potential for late-night music, traffic, and other impacts on the character of the Riviera.  The new owners have been hearing these concerns, and the city council is due to take up the issue in the next month or so.  Your RHA is following the situation closely and has provided resources to learn more and get involved.
People who would like to donate to anindependent sound study for the Rock & Brews may do so by making out a check to “Bob Keller” and sending it to 139 Camino de las Colinas, Redondo Beach CA 90277.  The neighborhood group will consolidate
the contributions and reimburse the sound technician.
If you’d like more information, or to get involved, please contact our co-presidents, Judy and Janet, by email at

Did you know…

On occasion, a pilot will need to take off from LAX in an easterly direction and ‘round the bend’ over our area?  Our Richard Root has pointed out a monthly report showing those flight paths, which you can see here:
Richard has also been pursuing the RHA initiatives to have the Torrance City Council address our concerns about helicopter and other aircraft noise from the Torrance airport.  If you’d like more information, please email

Santa’s coming where? To our town!

Every year, the TPD floats Santa by our streets to gladden the hearts of those who still believe (and the rest of us).   This year’s schedule (for full schedule and maps, click here):

  • Monday 3 DEC — Calle Mayor to South CIty Limits, Southwest to Anza/Calle Mayor
  • Tuesday 4 DEC — PCH to City Limits, West of Calle Mayor
  • Thursday 6 DEC — PCH to South City Limits, Hawthorne to Via Colusa and Calle De Ricardo

The RHA never rests…

The latest Riviera Reporter is on its way to your mailbox, and also available here.  Let us know how you like the format!

Enjoy these latest landscape awards – congratulations to our neighbors who beautify their homes and our jewel of the south bay.

Plea for members

Folks, the Riveria Homeowners Association only exists (tenaciously) on the generous $25 memberships that you provide once a year.  Please do your part and send in your memberships for the 2012-13 year.  It’s a challenging time to ask, but we do need to bring our membership up if we wish to continue representing your neighborhood — providing the service, critical information, and entertainment that we do.
If you need a membership form, or you’re not sure of your membership status, please consult our Membership page.  And encourage your friends to sign up to receive these postings.

We give thanks this week for your support, and hope to see you at the Holiday program !!

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