See our City Council candidates up close – April 2

At least 5 out of the 7 Torrance city council members will be newly seated once the dust settles on the June 3 election.  The RHA is presenting a forum for you to come and hear the candidates present their positions and answer questions, possibly for the only time in the Riviera area.  If you’re interested in where your city is heading, head over to the South High School cafeteria April 2 at 7:00 pm for this valuable opportunity.  Parking is free (on the newly paved lot) and refreshments will be served.

In addition, you’re invited to attend the Southwood Homeowners Association meeting on April 16th at Anza Elementary School, 21400 Ellinwood Avenue, in Torrance, for a Mayoral candidates’ forum.

Blue and Green were the RHA’s colors this month

If you attended this month’s meeting, you were treated to a pair of very informative presentations.

We had representatives from the Beach Cities Health District present a detailed description of the Blue Zones project. This innovative program has really gotten off the ground with a multi-faceted approach to improving the well-being of all citizens.  As the speakers invited to the meeting attested, it has motivated many residents to adopt and maintain healthier lifestyles, by working with local restaurants, schools, and businesses.   So much good information was passed along, together with prizes and discounts to local restaurants.  If you missed it, and are interested, visit their dynamic website here.

Blue Zones put on a lively presentation

Blue Zones put on a lively presentation

RHA President Judy Brunetti introduces Joe Galliani

RHA President Judy Brunetti introduces Joe Galliani

Following the Blue Zones project, we were treated to an engaging and energetic presentation and discussion on energy efficiency by a Riviera resident and passionate environmentalist, Joe Galliani.  These days we’re bombarded with offers for solar cars and roof panels.  Joe laid out some very practical considerations for residents in this part of the city in making decisions about converting to solar power for the home and automobile.  Actual results from homeowners in the area were presented and many local resources were touted to help make decisions, based on specific needs.  We’re pleased that Joe made his presentation on solar power and energy efficiency available to the RHA (download here) to share with our residents.

Prevent your home from being a target

South Torrance, including the Riviera, is not immune from car and home burglaries.  Just this week, our neighbors have been victimized, from the lower (Las Colinas) to the upper (Tortugas).   Spend a minute to watch this video courtesy of the Torrance PD to help guide you in prevention.  Stay safe!

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