Summer doldrums – not for us!

The  PCH fencing and greenery project

…still in process! On June 19,  Public Works was notified by CalTrans that they will be doing soil testing on the south side median as the first step in constructing a permanent fence along PCH across from South High School.  Due to the drought, landscaping plans are in jeopardy.  The RHA is continuing to encourage the city and CalTrans to provide an alternative to unsightly and unhealthy bare dirt.

The Tree and View ordinance

…is still being reviewed by a city council committee and will come back to a city council meeting with their recommendation, by this fall.  We will notify residents when this issue is on the city council agenda, so that those who are interested can attend and speak at the meeting.

New developments with…


It’s imperative that we have an incredibly strong resident turnout, when the Planning Commission of the City of Redondo Beach holds their public hearing on the Project this Thursday July 16, 2015 at 7:00 p.m., in the City Council Chambers, 415 Diamond Street, Redondo Beach CA, 90277. Check into for the most current information.
While we are told that Legado is planning on presenting a slightly revised plan (for 149 rental units, in addition to almost 40,000 SF of retail space, plus the 110-room PV Inn), we still feel that is too great a density on the old Bristol Farms site.  The plans, as far as Legado has been willing to share, still indicate big, bulky blocks of concrete, with little public or green space, a look that is simply not in keeping with our beach community, and density that will bring an unmanageable amount of additional traffic to our streets.
We did a great job in conveying our dissatisfaction with the initial plans, at the March 19th Planning Commission hearing.  We’ll need to make sure that a huge number of residents show up for this next hearing, trumpeting the same message, so that the Commissioners understand they simply cannot approve these plans, created by folks who don’t live anywhere near here, and have no interest in truly improving our area, but simply making big bucks out of our community.
The architectural plans/drawings, environmental documents and other background documents and studies referenced are online here.

…1914-1926 PCH (Cape Point)

This mixed use project of 52 condos and some 10,000 SF of retail space was unanimously approved by the RB Planning Commission at the May 21st hearing.
Unfortunately, the Commissioners allowed this also too-dense project, with major traffic and safety problems, to go through unchallenged and unrevised.  .  A major problem here is that the alley that runs between the church and the condo/property will serve as the in/out road for these new homeowners, and will create even bigger safety and traffic concerns than it already does, for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists alike. This is the same alley used by parents dropping off kids for the St Lawrence Martyr Church School!
Happily, an appeal has been filed on behalf of all of us, and residents will be able to make their voices heard by the Redondo Beach City Council (rather than Planning Commission) this time.  They’ll need to hear us loud and clear, and know that there must be a vision for this community, without continuous approval of piecemeal projects that will continue to put pedestrian (and driver) safety at risk.
This appeal hearing is at 6pm on Tuesday, July 21st, at Redondo Beach City Council chambers (415 Diamond, off PCH).
Please be sure to share the information with your friends and neighbors, both in the Hollywood Riviera, and nearby communities.  These overdevelopment plans will affect us ALL, and for many, many years to come!  We are all for development of these properties, but they must be appropriate, sustainable plans for each.
Whether you live directly across from one of these sites, or many blocks or even miles away (think of PV residents who are forced to pass thru the PCH + PVB intersection daily), if you use our streets, and enjoy spending time in our community, you are sure to feel the results of these new projects. Recent votes in Hermosa and Redondo (as well as Manhattan Beach’s just-announced moratorium on downtown building) have shown how citizens can work together to get the right things done! Please be sure to take the time to join us in these efforts.

Our cool treasure

Have you been to the El Retiro Library lately?  With the onset of hot weather, think of the library as a place to cool down, read a magazine, or check out the new acquisition shelf for the latest books.  If you have little ones, there’s Toddlertime at 11:00am on Wednesdays.  It’s not just for homework any more!

Save the movie date:

Everyone’s invited for a Family Movie Night August 29 at El Retiro Park. Picnics, blankets, and lawn chairs are welcome as the park turns into movie theaters! Movie begins at dusk (around 8:00 p.m.). So bring your warm clothes, popcorn, cocoa, and snacks; and join in watching ‘Happy Feet’!
Movies in the Park brought to us by the Torrance Community Service division.  For more information, please call (310) 618-2930.

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