News from Save the Riviera

There have been two (fascinating) hearings in the past couple of weeks, over the two most pressing projects that will affect our neighborhood for decades to come. You may have seen coverage in Daily Breeze, Beach Reporter and Easy Reader. If not:

July 16, Planning Commission re Legado

Commissioners agreed that even the newly reduced plan for 149 rental units (down from 182) is still far too dense and out of character for this location, and that suggestions offered for reducing traffic issues will not only do virtually nothing to mitigate already major problems, but only increase the already overburdened intersections.

In addition, the outreach conducted by developer’s reps was deemed woefully insufficient, and residents concerns were basically ignored in revision of plans.

What’s next?  Planning Commission will meet on August 20th (7 pm) to make their decision on whether they can deny the project as recently presented.

July 21, City Council appeal hearing re Cape Point

Council members agreed with the main argument that using the alley off Prospect for resident entry and exit would be terribly dangerous to motorists and pedestrians alike.  That, along with concerns that this mixed-use development of 52 condos would further increase area traffic.

Councilman Brand echoed our call for a true vision for the future of this community, plus a moratorium on such projects until such a sustainable plan is presented.

What’s next?  A 3-2 decision led to a continuance until September 1st (6 pm), at which time a vote will be taken on whether to allow this project to proceed as planned.

NOTE: Neither of these developers will give up easily, and anything can still happen with both of these projects. But, we have shown that Commissioners and Council members DO LISTEN when residents show up and speak out!

Please put these dates — Aug 20 and Sep 1 — on your calendar. Come to RB City Hall to support your neighbors in our opposition to these projects as currently planned. While told there will not be opportunity at either for additional public testimony, we must show a continued presence, reminding both the Planning Commission and City Council of their earlier decisions and our opposition.

The Save the Riviera group is working for the benefit of us all, to support development that enhances our quality of life, not detracts from it.

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