Traffic, Trees, Legado, Easter eggs, and much more

Notes from our February General Meeting

At our February 17 2016 General Meeting, the RHA was pleased to host Jacki Bacharach, the current Executive Director of  the South Bay Cities Council of Governments.
Jacki  has an extensive biography of work in many areas of government ,  especially issues of transportation and organization.
SBCCG has a membership made up of 16 cities and parts of Los Angeles County  which are included within the South Bay Area.  SBCCG works with these members on many areas of life unique to each city and offers ideas, shares strategies and coordinates efforts.

Jacki Bacharach addressing the Hollywood Riviera community

Jacki Bacharach addressing the Hollywood Riviera community

She spoke of the many issues currently before SBCCG:
The first and most important is how to address our increasing congestion.  She was eloquent on issues of traffic, demographics, and challenges of public transportation.  In addition, she delved into  Climate Issues:  Meeting 2020 goals for greenhouse gas and other pollution  levels, programs to relieve homelessness, senior housing and quality of life,
Our destinations are shrinking as people decide to forgo long trips to and from their residences and how that affects transportation.
Many communities are interested in “traffic calming” to lower gas use, reduce accidents and congestion, while we have “creeping density” due to intensive rebuilding of existing properties.
One idea which the Council is promoting is that a family of 2 cars should make their first one a plug-in electric vehicle for short trips with the second car a gas or hybrid vehicle for longer trips.  The small electric vehicles might need dedicated lanes to remove them from fast traffic which then would be speeded up.  The SBCCG has worked to introduce local use vehicles  – LUVs – which were very well received on an experimental basis.
Future rebuilding and population planning could include the concept of villages, ie  small businesses for everyday needs surrounded by population to buy locally and use LUVs. This would of course involve coordination with building departments, zoning, and re-developers.
There was a lively Q&A session with many local issues brought up by members of the audience.
Ms Bacharach ended her presentation by reminding everyone that we are in a time of constant change.  We will need pilot projects to test ideas and evolve from these programs to address our changing needs.

March 24 Committee hearing

On Thursday, March 24, 2016 at 7PM, the proposed Tree and View Ordinance will be discussed at a public hearing at the Torrance City Council Planning Committee Meeting.  This hearing will take place at Torrance City Hall, 3031 Torrance Blvd., in council chambers.
The City Planning Department will present their current recommendations for discussion which include whether or not to have a city planner involved in residential disputes.  This issue involves costs to the city and/or residents and it is important for the public to be present and
involved in the discussion. It’s your city, your trees and your views so please take time to attend this meeting.

Notice for March 24 hearing on an ordinance to protect hillside views from obstruction by trees and vegetation

Notice for March 24 hearing on a proposed ordinance

The planning department will discuss adopting an ordinance, how to make it cost neutral, who will draft the ordinance, etc.
The agenda, and extensive related material for this hearing can be found on the Torrance city website:
This hearing will be important for all of us seeking a workable, long-term solution to our view impairment issues.

April meeting

Our April 20 General Meeting will consist primarily of a forum to meet the candidates for City Council who are running for election this June.  There are 3 seats up for grabs, so this is quite important in determining the future direction of city policy.  As always:

7:00 PM Wednesday
at the Richardson Middle School Cafeteria,
23751 Nancy Lee Lane

Forget that other election, and come see real politics, local-style.

Los Arboles “Rocketship” Park update

The Parks and Recreation Commission will be recommending the design that was discussed at the March 9 Commission meeting.  It will likely be on the agenda for the City Council meeting on April 12, 2016.

Click here to see the Los Arboles Park proposed playground equipment

For more information, look for minutes to be posted on the Commission website:

Legado Project

The Public Appeals Hearing on the Legado Project is finally set for Tuesday, April 5 at 6PM at the Redondo Beach City Council Chambers, 415 Diamond Street.  Don’t miss this important opportunity to meet with the Council and Mayor Aspel.
The Council has some options to consider then:

  1. Deny the appeal and deny the 2015 project with 149 apartments,37,000 sq ft of commercial/retail space, a new access road and a massive underground parking garage next to the Palos Verdes Inn.
  2.  Allow Legado to present an alternate project with 146 units, a very similar pan, with a change in architectural design to Mediterranean and some reduction in commercial space. Council could vote to approve this plan as presented. Documents are on file with Planning.
  3. Reject all current Legado projects and send Legado back to the Planning Commission to file a new application.

Let the Council and Legado know what you believe is the right direction  to take for the future of Redondo Beach.  Public will be given time (3 min. limit per person) to address the Council and Mayor.


Thanks to all the applicants for the RHA scholarships for high school seniors.  A lucky few will soon be chosen and the results announced this summer.  Meantime, keep studying!

Interested in advertising in our next (April) newsletter? Please call either
Advertising: (310) 375-8729 or Co-President (310) 378-5616
or email

Easter Egg hunt this Saturday

Come to El Retiro Park Saturday March 26th at 10:00 AM for a good old fashioned Easter egg hunt, a long-standing tradition in the Riviera.  There’s a course for the toddlers, and a separate one for the older kids.   Coffee and donuts to excite the ex-kids.  This is hosted by the Hollywood Riviera Sportsman’s Club, who donate their time and energies to a better community.   Always a hoppening scene!

Relay for Life 2016

As in years past, the Hollywood Riviera Sportsman’s Club is taking action against cancer by participating in American Cancer Society event right here in our community. Relay For Life is about celebration, remembrance and hope. By participating, we are honoring cancer survivors, paying tribute to the lives we’ve lost to the disease, and raising money to help fight cancer.
The Relay will be held on April 23rd (Saturday) and April 24th (Sunday)  back at South High.
The Sportsmen seek your support for this important cause by making a donation. It is faster and easier than ever to support the ACS by making a secure, tax-deductible donation online using this link.
Once you are on that website you can either
1) Register yourself as a team member by clicking the “Sign up Now” tab in the upper right portion of the page (i.e. to the right of the displayed photo), then “Join the Existing Team” tab and typing in “ Hollywood Riviera Sportsman’s Club” in the search field and follow the remaining steps of the registration process, or
2)  Sign up to walk with the HRSC. As in the past, every team will have a member walking around the field (usually in 1 hr increments) to symbolize that cancer does not sleep, and neither will we, until we can find a cure.


A continuing tradition carried on by the RHA and the Riviera Garden Club is the awarding of the Outstanding Landscape Award to deserving homes of the Riviera.  We think this award has played no small part in maintaining the charm and appearance of our wonderful community.  Gaze upon some of the recent families who have made their contribution to the beautification of their yards and neighborhood at our Landscape page.

Opportunity for an RHA sign/banner putter-upper

Looking for an opportunity to assist the Association with some legwork and a little gas (or amps)?   Feeling like giving back a little and have time for an occasional outing?  We’re looking for an individual (or team) to please plant our signs at designated corners around the Riviera, and hang a banner at the Richardson Middle School entrance.  This is needed before our bi-monthly meetings, and sometimes for other important occasions.  Must be available 5-10 times per year, and spend an hour or two placing the signs and banner, and retrieving  them afterwards.  Please apply with a brief email to our co-presidents at    Thank you in advance for your consideration and commitment!


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