What’s going up at Butcher Hill?

We want to let all Riviera residents know of an important meeting this week regarding the largest development in recent memory so close to our borders.

The Butcher Hill plan (aka Butcher-Solana Residential Project) calls for 248 apartments to be built on the flats in front of the old quarry hillside, with parking entrances and exits on Hawthorne Blvd. and Valmonte Drive. Some of the proposed buildings would be 5 stories tall.

This would have a huge impact on traffic and population density in our area.  It is already difficult to get up and down Hawthorne during commuter hours, plus there is danger from the particulate matter from the diatomaceous earth that would become airborne during construction, plus we lose one of the few open spaces still left in the Riviera area.

The city of Torrance has called a “Scoping meeting” which will take place at City Hall 3031 Torrance Blvd. in council chambers at 6:30 PM on Thursday August 10.  It has been reported that if an issue is not brought up at this meeting then it will not be included or examined in the EIR.

The Scoping meeting details can be found here:
where there is a link to the project’s Initial Study among other relevant documents.


Aerial photo showing location of Butcher-Solana Residential Project

If you have concerns about the size, impact, traffic, pollution, aesthetics, safety,or anything else, please attend this meeting on Thursday August 10 to voice your concerns.  As you know, the more people that show up to voice their views in person, the bigger the impact we will have.

Save the date:

Richardson Middle School


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