PCH median graced with new plantings

Driving PCH will be a little more pleasant, and homeowners living along PCH will be a lot happier, now that the long awaited landscaping is underway.  City crews, having completed the new fencing and safety improvements, have been spending the summer laying in irrigation pipes and now planting hundreds of podocarpus trees on this stretch of highway across from South High school.  With the help of the RHA, nearby residents have worked with the city to resolve this long-standing eyesore, which will improve homeowners’ health and home values along the PCH access road.  We look forward to the project being completed very soon.  At some point in the future, the irrigation system will be retrofitted for reclaimed water.

Early June: Installation of a water meter and preparation for a new irrigation line.

Early July: Podocarpus trees to block the noise and dust coming off PCH

 We value your support

As the current 2016-17 year comes to a close, we thank all our neighbors who’ve given generously to the RHA in support of our efforts to keep you informed, and represented, here in our treasured corner of Torrance.  Our membership page (click here) should reflect your current status, and if you are behind in your voluntary annual dues contribution, you may update that there.

Another way to contribute is to consider placing an ad in our Riviera Reporter newsletter, which will next be issued before September.  If you have a business, or a service, that you would like to promote, an ad is a superb way to reach all residences within the Hollywood Riviera.  To place an ad, please contact us by email at president@hollywoodriviera.org

Marker project on hold

The committee working on a  marker to mark the entry to the Hollywood Riviera are still working with the City on a “break away” style sign design being requested.   They are exploring alternative styles acceptable to the City and will keep the RHA posted. Thank you for your patience! We hope to be able to post good news and a “go ahead” decision soon.


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