Weigh in on Higher Density

On Friday, our CA State Senator Ben Allen will vote on the latest in the long line of zoning changes that will be terrible for our City and our State.

SB 902 is yet another terrible zoning bill that diminishes local control of our own cities.  Call him at (310) 318-6994 to say, “VOTE NO on SB 902.”

SB 902 allows nullification of already-approved voter initiatives in order to open up protected lands and shorelines, all for San Francisco Senator Weiner’s dream of 10-unit luxury apartments almost everywhere.

Under SB 902, municipalities would be empowered to undo decades of voter-enacted citizen initiatives that restrict land use. This anti-democracy clause went unnoticed for months, due to the complex wording.

This does nothing towards gaining AFFORDABLE HOUSING. All it does is take away our rights as voters!

For text of Senate Bill 902, click here.

CALL Sen Allen TODAY at (310) 318-6994 and and say NO to SB 902!

(And then, tell 20 of your friends to do the same!)

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