A Trying Time

Dear RHA Members and Riviera Residents,

Well, not quite sure where to begin this note…

While life (apparently) goes on, it sort of feels like nothing has meaning until we get thru this surreal experience.

That said, there are clearly situations that affect us all, that we assume you’ll want to be kept aware of.

While we have no new info about things like the Butcher-Solano or Legado developments (yes, our government has deemed that building is an essential job, and must continue), other issues will have an even more immediate impact on your daily life.

It seems unlikely that the Riviera Homeowners Assn. will be able to hold a final general meeting in what would traditionally be before the end of the school year. And so, it’s even more important than ever before for us to be able to communicate with residents, quickly, efficiently.

This is a great time to verify your email address, so we don’t have to rely on mailing a printed copy of a newsletter or bulletin to your home. Not only will that save the RHA expenses that can be better spent on other things (college scholarships, anyone?), but it will get information to you in a far more timely matter.  And, if we’ve learned nothing else, things are happening very quickly!

If you are getting this notice by email, please forward it to interested friends and family. To subscribe to the RHA blog on our home page HollywoodRiviera.org – enter your email address to receive notifications of new posts by email.

Please stay at home, to keep yourself, your family, and your community safe and healthy. Talk to you soon!

RHA Board of Directors

Covid-19 resources:

Big announcements from Torrance and Redondo Beach

As of today, both Torrance and Redondo Beach have announced closures of beach and Esplanade parking, walkways, trails, playgrounds, beach access points, and park sites.

Street Sweeping and parking

As of March 16th, Street Sweeping and parking enforcement in the City of Torrance is temporarily suspended until further notice.
Please work with your neighbors if additional street parking is creating issues.

Torrance was Hacked

In case you haven’t heard, Torrance was hit by a city-wide computer attack on March 1st. As a result, they’ve had to make many changes, so in order to access all necessary postings, up-to-date changes, etc, please visit https://www.cityoftorranceca.com/

CoVid 19 Test Location

If you feel you have symptoms of possible COVID-19 infection, and no other current health care provider, give Make You Well Urgent Care and Family Practice a call at 424-292-4060
You can be tested and treated for any symptoms you are experiencing. Make You Well is located at 23365 Hawthorne Blvd.
Their practice accepts all PPO insurances, and is in network with many HMO’s.  PLEASE CALL FIRST FOR INSTRUCTIONS.


We’re close to announcing our annual High School Senior Scholarships. Names will be posted on the hollywoodriviera.org website in the next couple of weeks, so check in with us there shortly!

We’re trying to get the most updated lists of store hours and restaurant rules, but the info keeps changing so rapidly. 

Stronger together – six feet apart!

Please do your part to STAY AT HOME and avoid unnecessary travel or close physical contact with your neighbors. Please DO reach out to your friends or neighbors for support via our miraculous electronic devices. Plant a garden, learn a language, finish that book or paint job – seize the day!

And just for fun…

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