Support for the Hillside Overlay ordinance

Many residents have commented to us that their neighbors are building bigger and bigger remodels in the Hillside Overlay Area.  Has this happened to you?  Are you noticing that more homes are being built that seem to exceed the .50 FAR (floor area ratio) size limit on remodels?

If so, we are asking you to send in an email to City Council or call in to the City Council meeting on Tuesday, January 26, when there will be a public hearing on a remodel that is .60 FAR on a small lot.  The proposed remodel will  impact the neighbors on both sides with view, light, air and, privacy issues. The remodel also will have a roof deck on top of the single story garage, two balconies and a fire pit on the roof deck!  
Still, this project was approved by the Planning Department which found “no serious impacts” and was subsequently unanimously approved by the Planning Commission.  

Here is a link to the city staff report on the proposed development (may take a minute to load).

  • Please call in to the council meeting if you are disturbed by bigger and bigger homes being approved by the City. We have learned that Item “10A Terre Appeal”   will be heard earlier than indicated in the agenda.  It will be still called” Item 10A Terre Appeal” but it will come right after Item 7 – Orals. To weigh in, you will have only one minute to speak.  Please say your street name or that you live in the Hillside Overlay.  The number to call is 310 618-2404.  Please ask others to do the same.

If the City Council approves this home next week, it will set a precedent that will undermine the strength of the Hillside Overlay Ordinance, and eventually we risk losing the character of our beautiful neighborhood.  Please call in to the City Council meeting either before Agenda Item 7 Orals (open comments) or before “Item 10A, Terre Appeal to Council on 310 Calle de Arboles.” Or you may send a single email addressed to all of the City Council members, listed below, by or before next Tuesday Jan. 26 at 2 PM. 

We are representing you at that meeting.  Help us by backing us up with your support.

Thank you!
Judy Brunetti, former RHA President

Mayor Furey and City Council members:

AND/OR: Call in to City Council meeting at (310)618-2404.
The council meeting is on Jan. 26, starting at 7 PM, viewable on CitiCABLE Channel 3 (Spectrum) and Channel 31 (Frontier). Live streaming is available at the time at  
Call before Item 7 Orals (Open communication)  or before Item 10A “New Construction at 310 Calle de Arboles”

Also, at the January 26 meeting, the council plans to review proposed state housing legislation (AB68, SB6, etc.) and adopt a resolution stating the city’s positions.

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