Seasons Greetings

The Riviera Homeowners Association wishes all our Riviera neighbors, their families, friends, and loved ones a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving. Let’s make our neighborhoods a haven in these trying times throughout the holiday season and beyond.

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Yearning for a Commission Position?

The City of Torrance is seeking applications from certified residents to fill an unscheduled vacancy on the Parks and Recreation Commission which occurred after the Commission appointments on November 17.

The applicant must have completed the Commission Certification Training before submitting their application. To request online Commission Certification, please email to request the link. The online training takes two hours and can be done one module at a time all at once or over a couple of days.

Applications are due in the City Clerk’s Office on December 2, 2020.  Due to COVID19, we are accepting applications via email as long as they have been signed by the applicant. Applications may be mailed to
City Clerk’s Office, 3031 Torrance Blvd., Torrance, 90503.
Applicants may drop off their application – the City Clerk’s Office is open to the public. We have COVID19 safety procedures in place – contactless hand sanitizer, etc.

The appointment will be made at the December 15 City Council meeting.
For more information, see

Landscape Awards carry on

Maybe it’s the Covid, but our front yards seem to be getting more attention lately. We’ve had some terrific examples this year, so see our Landscape page for all of this year’s winners. Thanks go to our Landscape chairperson Denise O’Neil and Riviera Garden Club partners Lynn Fernandez and Bobbie Davison for choosing and awarding this 2020’s proud homeowners.

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