Please email your opinion on the Airport Noise issue to City Council by November 1st!


There will be a public hearing to discuss the operation and results of the Airport Noise Monitors and the GENERAL OPERATIONS AND NOISE LEVEL OF THE AIRPORT at the City Council Meeting at City Hall, tentatively scheduled for Tuesday evening, at 6:30 PM on November 8.  This date has not yet been confirmed. We will probably not know the exact date until November 1 (the date they are legally required to post the agenda).   We know that the proposed meeting night, November 8,  is midterm election night, but if you are concerned about Airport Noise, this is the time to show up.

Zamperini Field (Torrance Municipal Airport)

If you wish to speak, you will be given only 1 minute at the mic, so prepare what you want to say. You do not have to speak. Your presence at the meeting will speak volumes for you. Even better, write an email addressed to
about your specific issue (“I can’t garden when the planes are flying, I work at home and the airport noise is very distracting“, etc.) If you don’t have any idea of what to write, refer to our Torrance Airport Issues page where you can read the October 12 Letter to City Council , which has suggestions for how the council can address this issue. The Airport Noise Petition (on the same page) has a list of grievances from residents. Both of these are a good source for inspiration. It’s best to send your letter to council as soon as possible to make sure it gets there in time to be included in the information packet to council members.
We need a lot of concerned residents at this meeting to urge the City Council to enforce the Torrance Municipal Code regarding the airport. Public controversy and knowledgeable opposition are the best tools we have to make a change. Please come down to City Council chambers at 3031 Torrance Blvd. on Nov. 8, and bring a friend! No signs will be allowed in the building. We will publish the updated meeting date and time as soon as we find out what they are.

Thank you! See you there, Judy Brunetti, RHA Co-President

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