There are two Torrance City Council hearings next Tuesday that affect Rivierans. 

The first is Agenda Item 9-I, which is the report on the airport noise monitors and their effectiveness, and noise from the airport.  The monitors have been in place since August 15, 2022, but the question remains, “why haven’t they lessened airport noise? “ The answer may be that the City is not enforcing its noise violations. Also, the City is not enforcing the Torrance Municipal Code which says that no planes may make an early left turn on departure.  For more information please see our dedicated page to this issue.

The second hearing is Agenda Item 10-A  (immediately after the airport hearing), a Hillside Overlay Case on a proposed new home to be built at 139 Via Alameda, in the Overlay.  The home will be 23.5’ tall (hillside limit is generally14’) the FAR (Floor Area Ratio) will be .55 (hillside limit is .50, barring documented hardship) the home will have a 370-foot square open outdoor deck on the roof of the first floor.  The original home was 1400 square feet, the new home would be 3,265 square feet. The home would impact light, air and privacy to neighbors on either side and at the back.  The City is not enforcing the Hillside Overlay Ordinance. It is up to residents who feel the Hillside Overlay is being nibbled away to complain.  For more information on the Hillside Ordinance please see our dedicated page to this issue.

      To comment on either or both of these issues please send an email to mayor and council at:,,,,

      If you are able, please attend the City Council meeting at 3031 Torrance Blvd. on Tuesday, Nov. 8 (yes, it’s voting day) from 6:30 PM on. You may speak on either or both items.  Be there to show support.

Councilman Mattucci will be holding a District 5 Community Meeting November 7 at El Retiro Library

The City of Torrance elected officials are hosting district meetings in the upcoming months, the meetings will be focused on  the constituents in their respective districts .  The meetings are intended to inform the community on everything related to the City of Torrance; public safety, homelessness, capital projects etc..

The District 5 meeting with Councilman Mattucci will take place on Monday, November 7th at 5:30pm at the newly remodeled El Retiro Library located at 126 Vista del Parque, Redondo Beach CA 90277.

Below is more information on what will be discussed:

Annual Turkey Trot Fun Run

Get in shape for that Thanksgiving meal!
The Torrance Turkey trot this year will get started at 8:00am on Thursday November 24.

For signup, and further information,For signup, and further information, cluck here.

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