A Letter to the Transportation Committee and City Council from RHA 

The RHA and the Reform Torrance Airport Association has sent a letter to the Torrance City Council, and specifically to the council’s Transportation Committee regarding the issues of noise and lead pollution from the Torrance Airport (Zamperini Field):

  • Click here to see the entire letter to the City Council Transportation Committee
    • Click here to see the accompanying matrix of airport environmental issues
  • Click here for an in-depth reporting of the impact of lead from general aviation aircraft

For more background on your RHA’s response to the noise and pollution problem from the Torrance Airport, please see our Torrance Airport Issues page

Torrance Centenarian Program

Do you have a friend or family member celebrating their birthday of 100 years or older?

The City of Torrance would like to honor your loved one’s wealth of experience and longevity through its Centenarian Program, administered by the Recreation Division and Commission on Aging. After filling out the application below, the Centenarian will receive a venerable certificate and Centenarian Coin from the City at a future City Council Meeting.

Participants or their loved ones must submit their application no less than two months prior to the Centenarian’s birthday and the honoree must be a resident of the City of Torrance.

For more information, please call the city at 310-618-2930

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