Transportation Committee Public Meeting on April 12, 2023

After four months of waiting, we will hear from the Transportation Committee at its next meeting and hearing on Wednesday, April 12 at 6:00 (NOT 7:00) in the Council Chamber, City Hall, 3031 Torrance Blvd.

Because this conflicts with our scheduled RHA meeting on homelessness,  we are postponing our April 12 meeting.  We will reschedule it as soon as the speakers are available, probably in May. We will keep you posted.

Why is the Airport Committee meeting so important?  

Two reasons:  the first is, we will finally learn what their recommendations to City Council will be regarding Airport Noise, Enforcement, and limiting the number of flight schools.

If you have seen the article in the “Daily Breeze” on March 12, or the promo on television, you know that Sling Pilot Academy is planning to add flights here.  They acquired $500,000 in Federal funds to offer scholarships to potential pilots.  Sling is now actively recruiting new pilots and have plans to greatly expand their Torrance program.  They want more planes, more flights, more noise….

The second reason to attend the meeting is to state your opinion about the City of Torrance deciding NOT to be a signatory on the Letter of Agreement (LOA).  Only the flight schools and the FAA will sign these voluntary measures.  The City owns the airport, and manages it according to the Municipal Code.  If they don’t sign the LOA, will they still enforce the Code?  The Letter of Agreement is voluntary, so how will it be enforced?  This is all very vague. We want laws, not promises.

We need to go to the meeting, write letters and consider next steps.  The City Staff and Community Development appear deaf to residents’ concerns.  We want the Transportation Committee OR residents to propose a stronger proposition than a voluntary Letter of Agreement.

Please come to City Hall on April 12.  You will only have one minute to speak, but you can write as long a letter as you want—we should all do both!  Write to

Send emails by Thursday, April 6 to be sure it makes the April 7 deadline

We believe the City Council will take the most reasonable approach, so we want them to hear from our side. 

Thank you so much and good luck to all of us!

Judy Brunetti, President Riviera Homeowners Association

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