“SUPER POPPY BLOOM” in the Riviera!  SPECIAL VIEWING on Saturday April 6 10:00-Noon.

The Riviera Garden Club invites all Rivierans to stop by & see the “Super Poppy Bloom” at Colinas Circle, located at the stop sign corner of Calle Mayor & Camino de las Colinas.  This garden project is on City property and had been woefully neglected for years.

The Riviera Garden Club & it’s Civic Beautification Committee received permission in 2009 to take it over.  The City provided and installed the three magnificent boulders which are the gardens’ centerpiece.  The rest of the work was handled by four tenacious women, namely Ruth Vogel, Wendy Tsuji, Linda Rosenfeld & Jeannie Brown — over all these years they have created a lovely drought tolerant garden.

Poppy seeds from Theodore Payne were scattered a few years ago and with the recent rain deluge this year the bloom is lovely.  See it before it fades!   However, the underlying garden is very colorful year round & still growing.  You all may come by at any time but on Saturday, April 6 from 10-12 Garden Club members will be available to answer any questions.


Photos by Linda Rosenfeld, Julian Chasin

Hope to see you there!

Re-save the date

The next RHA General Meeting will be May 1, not April 24 as last announced.  We will offer a ‘Community Update’ on issues like Butcher-Solana project plans,  local
traffic issues, Riviera air quality, Refinery hazards and  emergency sirens.  Bring your ideas and questions.  Doors open at 6:30. Light refreshments served. Annual dues  gratefully accepted.



Make your city a better place

RHA board members recently attended one of the several strategic planning focus groups going on around Torrance. The next one happens on March 13th, 7 p.m. at Torrance Airport.

As a Torrance resident you can learn more, and register to attend the next one at this site:


(Reservations are required.) There’s also a button on that page to click for RESIDENT SURVEY.  All residents should complete this, it only takes about 5 minutes, especially If you can’t attend on the 13th.

Like you, the RHA wants to make the city of Torrance a better place to live and work, and these efforts will hopefully guide the city’s leadership to make wise choices.  Be a part of it.

Save the Date

Please set aside the evening of Wednesday April 24 May 1 to attend the next RHA General Meeting, as usual at Richardson Middle School.  The RHA board has been staying on top of multiple issues: the Torrance Refinery, cut-through traffic, state housing proposals, and city council elections, to name a few.   A full agenda will be made available a few weeks in advance.

Scholarship deadline

As in years past, the RHA will be awarding a college scholarship award to a deserving Riviera high school senior.  The application deadline is this week, so check with your high school counselor to make sure your application is in.  For more information, click here.

Holiday Greetings

As the year draws to a close, your Riviera Homeowners Association wishes everyone a safe and happy holiday season, and thanks all our paid members for your support this past year.  We have much to be thankful for, and much to keep us mindful and busy in 2019.  Please consider working with the RHA Board as one of your New Years resolutions, to ensure and expand our efforts to support and preserve our wonderful community.

Membership drawing – the winners are:

At our October meeting, we offered a chance for new and renewing members to enter a drawing to win some vino for the holidays.  Our winners are:

Steven Apfel

Calle Miramar

Donna Balcer

Paseo de Las Estrellas

Congratulations to our winners, and our thanks To Castle Rock Winery for providing the libation.

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