Three important meetings

Fight the blight!

The RHA, together with some concerned residents, have been petitioning the city and Caltrans (who operates PCH) about the sad state of PCH in the South High vicinity.  Consequently, the City of Torrance Public Works Department will conduct a neighborhood meeting on Monday, May 13 at 7:00 pm to discuss the design of the proposed Fence, Guardrail, and Landscaping on the south side of Pacific Coast Highway from Calle Mayor to Janet Lane.
The project also consists of the fence removal in the center median on Pacific Coast Highway and the removal of some trees and decaying vegetation in the service road median.
We urge you to attend to show the level of interest in the Riviera about eliminating the blighted look of our ‘front door’.  The meeting will be at the Walteria Park Meeting Room, 3855 242nd. St
Click here for more information!

On Tuesday May 21, the city budget meetings will discuss the possibility of allocating funds to review a tree and view ordinance for the city of Torrance.  This is only a possibility, not a done deal.  City Manager Leroy Jackson said that this issue and others with it are part of a “wish list” that the city may consider.
If you have any interest in trees and views, which can affect your property values, your privacy, and your relations with neighbors, make it a point to attend.  The meetings are held at Torrance City Hall and begin at 7:00 pm.  The more interest is shown, the more likely action will be taken.  Contact the RHA if you wish to stay up to date with these breaking developments.

April General Meeting

A valuable, and entertaining, presentation was the highlight of the April 17 General meeting, the last for the 2012-13 RHA fiscal year. Kathi Galbasin, the city’s CERT volunteer coordinator, gave some excellent hands-on advice for dealing with the aftermath of a disaster, such as a major earthquake.  She and her team demonstrated with items to have on hand, at home, to minimize trauma and to get help to your loved ones and neighbors, in the event that emergency first responders are too overwhelmed.   If you missed it, and the valuable material handed out, you really should visit the Torrance CERT website, and see what CERT events are in the offing.

Kathi Galbasin (center) and her training team

Kathi Galbasin (center) and her training team

The RHA sincerely thanks Kathi and the CERT volunteer team for spending the evening with us.

The annual RHA elections were held for open board positions, and the neighbors voted in by acclimation were:

  • Secretary: Nancy Staudt
  • Newspaper Editors: Julian Chasin, Judy Brunetti, Pam Popovich
  • Scholarships: Amy Josefek
  • Historian: Janet Kaplan
  • School Liaison: Judy English

We would also like to thank our meeting sponsors for the April meeting:

Kim Bright CPA See Kim Bright for all your financial planning needs

Kim Bright CPA
See Kim Bright for all your financial planning needs

Joshua Davidson MD Physician and allergy specialist

Joshua Davidson MD
Physician and allergy specialist

Don’t fall for it

Torrance PD will present one of its regular, free, “Seniors Don’t be Scammed!” classes featuring information on the 5 top scams targeting seniors, (Tuesday, May,21, 2013, 10:00 am -noon). In addition, there will be a bonus feature regarding Emergency Disaster Preparedness for Seniors. Seniors, caregivers, family and friends are invited to learn about the latest scams. The class will be held in the Katy Geissert Civic Center Library community meeting room, (3301 Torrance Blvd.)
For more information call 310-618-5735 or click here.

Please don’t eat the arugula

Check out the latest landscape awards at our website’s landscape page.  Make that front yard shine, and you may get the Outstanding Landscape Award!

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