Hearing for a tree ordinance – a window of opportunity opens

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Hello neighbors,
Please mark the date – Tuesday, May 21 – and encourage your neighbors to come down to a Torrance city council meeting.    The city is having their second budget meeting and will decide at this meeting whether they will (A) Have a survey asking residents if they would be interested in a tree ordinance or (B) Advertise for a public hearing on a tree ordinance, and hold the hearing.

The city council is currently split on this issue, which  is likely to come up for discussion  some time after 7:30 PM  (the meetings start at 7:00 pm). 

The RHA urges you to please come down to listen to the proposals and discuss your point of view, your situation, your frustration or whatever.  Please bring a friend or neighbor.  If you feel at all inclined, please bring a short letter to read to the council or be prepared to speak without notes.  The council gives more weight to spoken comments than to emails or phone calls.
If you would also like to send an email to the mayor (Frank Scotto) or council members, their email addresses are fscotto@torranceca.gov, cnumark@torranceca.govgbarnett@torranceca.gov, srhilinger@torranceca.gov, pfurey@torranceca.gov, bsutherland@torranceca.gov  and tbrewer@torranceca.gov.  The city manager’s email is ljackson@torranceca.gov .
The RHA has been doing advocating for a tree ordinance for some time.  We deserve a chance to have a hearing on the issue!

Thank you in advance for attending, or contacting your council representative.

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