Goodbye 2012-13. Hello 2013-14!

Greetings to all Riviera residents after a long summer hiatus.  We’ve been away, but we’re back and ready for action.  Not that action hasn’t been the watchword these past few months.  Much of your RHA board has been busy meeting with city leaders, pushing forward on a view/tree ordinance, making progress on the aircraft noise issues, advocating for beautification of the PCH corridor, keeping an eye on Rock & Brews, and … wait, weren’t we supposed to take the summer off?

On top of that, we awarded scholarships, as is the custom in June, to two well-deserving graduating seniors – Cali Almeida and James Redmond  out of a crowded field — and handed out monthly landscaping awards for the great work that homeowners have done in their front yards.

Our first RHA Board meeting will be coming up this week, after which we’ll announce the calendar for the rest of the 2013-14 year.  This is a great time to consider getting more involved in your community – taking on as little or as much as you’re willing to contribute.  (Click here to find out more.)  Of course we’ll be asking for your annual voluntary dues to help continue the valuable work of the RHA.

Hope you had a great summer – but don’t put away the beach towels and sunscreen yet!

Sunset over the lower Riviera

Labor Day sunset over the lower Riviera

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