April Meeting brings May Greeting

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Last week’s RHA General Meeting was full of interesting and valuable information.  The city of Torrance provided two excellent speakers on matters of concern to many Hollywood Riviera residents: coyote threats and the new view ordinance. Concern over these issues was evident from the high attendance, as well as the questions thrown at the invited guests.

Lt Jennifer Uyeda, accompanied by Christina Szczypkowski of the Torrance PD Community Affairs Division, gave a detailed exposition of the steps the city has taken, guided by the city council and citizen input, to address the persistent coyote problem.  While coyotes are not brand new to the city, a growing population and adaptation to urban settings has created many problems for residents, who have lost pets and had frightening confrontations with the canny canids.  Lt Uyeda laid out the steps the city has taken, in conjunction with other southern California government bodies to best understand and control the coyote problem, and especially inform residents what they can do to avoid attracting and dealing with the wily wildlife.  As communities across the US have learned, coyotes are not going away.

Torrance PD Lt Uyeda and Services Officer Szczypkowski review city efforts to combat coyote confrontations

Resources on how to coexist with coyotes, including instructions on reporting, viewing maps of coyote sightings, and most importantly – what to do when in the presence of coyotes – were made available at the meeting, and can be found online here.

The RHA encourages all residents to study and share this material with their families and neighbors.  If you don’t know what “coyote hazing” means, you should find out!

Coyote concerns by Riviera residents were expressed during a Q&A

View Equity Ordinance explained

Our other speaker that evening was Ana Fernandez, Planning Associate for the Torrance Community Development Department. Having just been passed by the City Council, the “View Equity” Ordinance seeks to balance the interests of tree and vegetation owners with those who have valuable views and seek to protect those views.

Ms Fernandez details the working of the new View Equity Ordinance and answers some tough questions from residents
Seated at left: Linda Cessna, Community Development Department

Congratulations and thanks to all those who made passage of this ordinance possible, it has been a long-standing goal of the RHA to make this a reality.

For all the information about the ordinance, please visit the city’s website for it here.  There is the 12-page ordinance, a 2-page summary, and additional resources.

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